1. To meet journal writing standards, submitted manuscripts shall at least contain; title, abstract, introduction, research metodology, result and discussion, conclusion, suggestion and bibliography
  2. The title should clearly describe the substance of the study with a maximum of 12 words and using the Times New Roman font size 12, align center and bold
  3. Abstract is written using English and Indonesian with maximum of 200 words for each language and 5-word maximum keywords.
  4. The manuscript is written in English or Indonesian with number 8-10 pages.
  5. The manuscript compiled on A4 paper format with two (2) columns and a margin of 3 cm on the right side, top, bottom, and 3 cm on the left side.
  6. Use 12-point Times New Roman letters with 1,5 paragraph spacing.
  7. Number and title of the table is written on the left side of the table. Number and title of the picture is written on the left side under the picture. Image source is listed directly at the end of the image title
  8. The bibliography is compiled using IEEE Style methods and is required to use standard citation applications Mendeley
  9. To facilitate the process of writing, the author STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to download the journal Template Here