1. Articles are scientific works that have never been published in other media.

2. Articles or manuscripts are sent electronically through this OJS system

3. Manuscripts sent in the form of Ms. Word

4. Manuscript sent to Jusikom: Jurnal Sistem Komputer Musirawas must be free from plagiarism and self- plagiarism and examination will be conducted using turnitin with a maximum limit of 30%

5. Articles are written using Times New Roman 11 letters, with a spacing of 1.15.

6. are written in Indonesian with a number of 8-15 pages

7. Manuscripts are arranged in A4 paper format with two columns and 3 cm margins on the right, up, down, and left sides.

8. The structure of journal writing must follow the following rules:


9. The title must clearly describe the substance of the study with a maximum of 12 words and use the font New Times Roman size 12 flat middle, bold and uppercase letters (UPPERCASE)

10. Abstracts are written in English and Indonesian with a maximum of 200 words for each language and keywords with a maximum of 5 words.

11. Numbering for tables and images uses numbering starting from number 1 and using Times New Roman fonts for each word's 11 bold and upper case size (Capitalize Each Word), and for writing the titles of the tables and images using regular letters Example (Table 1. Example) (Image 1. Example)

12. The numbering of the titles in the table is written above the table using the left alignment. Numbering of the title of the image is written below the image with the center flat. By including the source directly at the end of the image title